Steps to Start a New Synergize.Me Group

  1. Identify a small group of like-minded people
  2. Pick a meeting place. (Conference room, local business office, local restaurant, hotel)Today is Go Time
  3. Agree on date and time of meetings.
  4. Obtain business card box.
  5. Obtain computer equipment if necessary (ie, router, overhead projector).
  6. Secure commitments from members
  7. Determine agenda for meetings.
  8. Determine and gather any study materials you might use.
  9. Assign people to roles and agenda items.
  10. Create first budget (if necessary).
  11. Determine and collect fees (if any) for local chapter.
  12. Open bank account (if necessary).
  13. Create logo for local chapter.
  14. Create presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and business blog sites.
  15. Begin online referral process to create excitement among group.


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