Month: July 2015

This weekend… Step into your DESTINY

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This weekend… 

Read something that stirs your soul.  Watch something that makes you cry. Kiss someone that ignites your passion.

Taste something that drives your taste buds mad. Seek out the invigorating scents of summer, count the stars in the eastern sky, stroke the hair of your child while they sleep, make that call or visit you’ve been avoiding.  

Bow your head in prayer and lift your soul in worship as your spirit touches the heart of the One who made you
Spend this weekend becoming what you’ve always been meant to be.  

Come fully alive.

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Impact Earth - meteor in route collisionIn the movie Armageddon, the President of the United States is talking to NASA scientist Dan Truman, played by Billy Bob Thornton, about the approaching asteroid. Let’s listen in…

President: What is this thing?

Truman: It’s an asteroid, sir.

President: How big are we talking?

Scientist: Sir, our best estimate is 97.6 billion.

Truman: It’s the size of Texas, Mr. President.

President: Dan, we didn’t see this thing coming?

Truman: Well, our object collision budget’s about a million dollars a year. That allows us to track about three percent of the sky, and begging your pardon, sir, but it’s a big-ass sky.

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