What Kind of Legacy Are You?

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Someone invested in you.  Believed in you.  Prayed for you.super businessman power

There is no such thing as a “self-made man/woman”… You obviously had a lot to do with the kind of person you are today, but don’t doubt that others played a huge role.  Some were builders in your life, others served as wrecking crews.  Each had a part, invited or not, welcomed or denied, in building the YOU that is YOU.

Those that poured into you to challenge and sculpt you into a better human may never ask for an accounting of your life, or the time and effort spent helping you grow.  

But I will.

Are you making them proud? Is your life something that would encourage them? Is the person you see in the mirror someone that is working to grow, serve and make the world a better place?  Let me suggest that if the answer is “no”, or if you’re unsure, that you consider these 3 simple things:

  1. What words would my five closest friends use to describe me as a person?
  2. How would my spouse and/or children describe my impact on their lives?
  3. If you asked those you work for, work with or lead, to describe you as a person, would you be happy with their characterizations of you?

Life, your life, is an epic story. It’s not about being the hero.  It’s about inspiring those before you and those behind you with a life of character and passionate love.  

Life is short, and it’s precious.  Those people who sacrificed a portion of their short and precious lives did so because they thought you were worth it. 

Go prove them right.

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