This Decision Could Change the Rest of Your Life…

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So you’re facing a decision.

It may seem HUGE to Java Printingyou, or it might be insignificant.  But there’s no getting away from it, you have to make a choice.  To NOT choose is to make a choice. The trouble is, you have absolutely no clue as to how to proceed.  You’re struggling.  This is hard.  Really hard.  So what do you do?

Talk to mentors…  

Find someone who is older, wiser (not always the same) and ask for some perspective.  Choose someone that has nothing to do with your job or your company.  This allows for some objectivity that you might have by being so close to the situation.  Consider seeking input from more than one person in this category.

Write it down…  

Take out a piece of paper and make 2 columns.  Label one of the CHOICE, and the other one CONSEQUENCES.  Then spend some quiet and uninterrupted time thinking through what all of your options are.  After you’ve built a comprehensive list of the choices you could make, then go back and list out beside each of them what the consequences or fall out to each choice might be.

Think out loud with a co-worker…

CAUTION!  Be incredibly careful if you choose to do this.  You have a right to ask for an expect confidentiality, but consider the consequences if the person you choose to put confidence in betrays your trust.  If it could cost your job, it may not be worth the risk.  Also be confident that in seeking input that you are not undermining the authority of a supervisor or boss by confiding in a co-worker.  No one wins when that happens.

Pray or meditate…

yes, I said pray.  Whatever your spiritual background, some quiet time in prayer, meditation or contemplative thought can do wonders for bringing clarity or a fresh perspective.  Our minds are constantly bombarded with busyness and chaos.  When we’re able to allow the smoke & chatter to clear, many times the best course of action seems to appear from nowhere.

Do a gut check…

More simply put, make sure that whatever decision you may be making is one that you can live with.  That face you see in the mirror will still be there tomorrow, and your core values and priorities in life need to align with both your personal and professional choices.  Life and reputation… but are short, valuable and can be undermined with one really bad decision.  Choose well.

Sleep on it…  

There’s nothing like a good nights’ sleep to clear away the cobwebs of doubt or uncertainty.  Your mind makes better decisions when your body is rested.  Very few decisions in this life have to be made immediately.  If it’s at all possible, give yourself at least one good night of rest so you can make a healthy and clear headed decision.

Decisions are still not easy, even with the tips listed above.  Hopefully the suggestions will give you the time, tools and input you need to make decisions that you can live with, and live happy with!

What decisions are the most difficult for you?  

Why do you think those are the hardest?


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