7 Choices of a Loser Boss…

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Loser Boss…

Don’t want to have one? Then don’t be one… 

Loser bosses tend to:Image

1. Disgust themselves… you can’t hate yourself and lead others well… so love yourself instead.

2. Diminish others… a weak ego props itself up with the carcasses of others… so build up others instead.

3. Despise counsel… loser bosses see no value in the advice, directions, suggestions or warnings of others… so seek wise counsel instead.

4. Divide & conquer… uncertain leaders withhold information or cause dissension as a means of crowd control… so enhance team spirit instead.

5. Dash hopes… jaded bosses sew cynicism as a habit and as a reflection of their own misery… so inspire a vision instead.

Don’t be a loser boss.

Don’t be a loser leader. Losers are wieners.

The world needs winners.  Be a winner, not a wiener.

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